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Ajla the label is a scandinavian brand located in the heart of Stockholm and designs pieces that are unique, feminine and will last in your closet forever. When we launched our brand with resort wear in 2022, our goal was simple: crafting high-quality, versatile pieces that empowers and make you feel beautiful. We envisioned fashion not confined to speed or luxury but creating a space where quality meets accessibility. 


“Since I was a little girl, I've always dreamed of starting my own fashion house. The excitement of making something special and exploring fashion while being mindful of the environment has always driven my passion. This led to the creation of my first ever collection that we launched in early 2022, a swimwear line crafted exclusively from 100% regenerated fabric in collaboration with the Italian brand Carvico and Ocean-Clean Up."

Drawing inspiration from her Adriatic roots and Swedish upbringing, Ajla crafted a second vibrant and feminine collection that seamlessly merged the essence of Scandinavia with the allure of the Mediterranean.

"My first and second collection was a perfect fusion of Scandi meets Mediterranean, creating a colorful and harmonious line that reflects my background. This is were the Iconic Noemi bikini top was introduced to the world, a design i worked on for over 2 years. Girls from all over the world wanted a piece of our iconic Noemi bikini. A unique, sustainable and just stunning bikini that i'm so proud of."

The demands for more high-quality, unique and afforable pieces from Ajla the label quickly grew and we're slowly growing in categories, with our latest ready-to-wear drop containing the perfect blazer.

"My goal will always be to create high-quality pieces and make it accessible to as many as possible. To inspire and to empower women all over the world."

- Ajla Miljkovic, Founder & Designer